Upgrade Procedure

PS-300B Upgrade Procedures

Before upgrading

  • Login as the user who has administrative privilege.
  • Quit PS-300B if it is on.
    1. Start the downloaded upgrade program.
double-click the downloaded PS300B230Up.EXE
    2.Click the "Install PS-300B" button.
Install PS-300B
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade the software.
    The following display appears when the upgrading is completed.
    4. If the following display appears at first startup of the PS-300B application, enter "Key ID" and "Password".
Startup of the PS-300B application.

If the error message appears

Error message Solution
Invalid key ID or password. Enter the Key ID and Password written on the PS-300B (version 1.0 or newer) CD-ROM case.
An old version is already installed. To install this product, you must first uninstall the existing version. Uninstall the old PS-300B with the Windows control panel, and then try again.
If unable to uninstall, check “Force overwriting the old software” and then try again.

Support Information

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