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09/12/2019 【News】China’s Textile & Apparel Exports Decrease in August

09/06/2019 【News】Responding to China’s Requirements in 2019

07/26/2019 【News】Global Nonwovens Market to Reach US$64.8B by 2024

07/18/2019 【News】Global luxury apparel growing at 13 percent

06/30/2019 【News】Huge Chinese investment coming to Bangladesh

04/14/2019 【News】China’s Textile Exports Outperform Apparel Exports in March

04/01/2019 【News】Trade conflicts between US and China - Bangladesh can fetch more $400m export earnings

03/12/2019 【News】Japan’s Textile & Apparel Exports Up 3% in 2018

03/07/2019 【News】U.S. Textile & Apparel Imports Grow 5.88% Quantitatively in 2018

03/06/2019 【News】Smart denim : solutions for design and sustainability

02/26/2019 【News】Japan’s Apparel Production Below 100 Million Units for Two Straight Years

02/18/2019 【News】China’s Textile & Apparel Exports Grow 9.2% in January

01/24/2019 【News】Apparel Sales at Japanese Chain Stores Decrease for 27 Straight Years

01/18/2019 【News】China’s Textile Exports at Record High in 2018

12/24/2018 【News】No beneficiaries of the US-China trade dispute

12/24/2018 【News】Indian government announces revised duty drawback rates

12/24/2018 【News】Fashion retailers adopting unique initiatives to reduce eco-impact

12/19/2018 【News】China’s Nov. Apparel Exports Decrease for First Time in 6 Months

12/04/2018 【News】E-Com to boost global knitwear market in future

11/24/2018 【News】Asia Pacific to dominate global knitwear market by 2026

11/22/2018 【News】Apparel Sales at Japanese Dept. Stores Decline for Four Straight Months

03/12/2018 【News】China’s Fabric Exports to Africa Growing Rapidly

03/08/2018 【News】Taiwan’s Textile Exports Rise for First Time in 6 Years

03/01/2018 【News】Japan’s Textile Machinery Production & Trade Increase in 2017

02/22/2018 【News】Japan’s Apparel Production Drops Below 100M Units

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