Three Needle Feed Off the Arm Double Chain Stitcher

DA-928A Specifications

  • da927a

・Clean Sewing with Minimum Lubrication System
・A New Knife with Highly Safe Shape
・Beautiful Sewing Finishes with New Presser Mechanism


Specifications -5 -7
Applications Heavy material Extra heavy materials
Lubrication type Minimum lubrication
Max. sewing speed 4,000sti/min*1
Max. stitch length 4.7mm
Height of presser foot 11mm
Needle bar stroke 35mm
Needle Schmelz TVX5
#130 #140
Needle gauge 2-needles -
3-needles 1/8 X 2
Height of feed dog 1.3mm
Weight 49kg
Size 465mm x 500mm x 340mm
Outer perimeter of cylinder 171mm
Presser foot presser 58.8~98N (6~10kgf)

  • * •1 If thread breakage occurred during sewing of DA-928A, please lower the speed.


Double Chain Stitch Sewing Machine Lineup

Double Chain Stitch

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