SAN International


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Company Overview

Factory Name SAN International
Interviewee - Mr. Tarun Verma, General Manager
- Mr. Bairy Venkata Ugendhar, GM Operations
Place Gurugram(Gurgaon), India
Number of Employees 2,500
Establishment date and so on - SAN International was founded in 1999 by Mr. Anupam Khandelwal and Mr. Abhinav Khandelwal.
- They are totally in export (Governments recognized Export House).
Sewing Products - Women’s Wear, Girl’s Wear soft casuals: Tops, dresses, skirts, jump suits, shorts, pants, sleep wear, resort, maternity, etc.


How to bring benefits to a factory by the single needle sewing machine.

Mr. Tarun Verma, General Manager and Mr. Bairy Venkata Ugendhar, GM Operations of SAN International expressed great and deep satisfaction for Brother S-7300A, Single Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher with Electronic Feeding System; DigiFlex Feed and Thread Trimmer. They heard about the product through garment technology expo held in Delhi in 2015. The features of the product like thread trimming and short trimming became the key to start with, as these are the problems garment industry has been facing for a long time.

The latest friendly technology, DigiFlex Feed, can solve our problems

Brother provided, what we required, to be a 'New Age Fashion House'. SAN International is in the range of measuring success as quality has improved tremendously, after using Brother S-7300A with DigiFlex Feed, and the quality is improving, the productivity is also improving. The sewing machine has DigiFlex Feed, an inbuilt feed mechanism based on the material and the applications by which we are able to get higher productivity.

DigiFlex technology helped Garment Industries

Innovative DigiFlex technology, which digitalizes feeding system, resolves various sewing troubles such as material slippage, puckering, and needle breakage. These are large problems all garment factories are facing.

Intercepting needle breakage

Proven as best innovation, this has become the happiness of mechanics because it is easy to set up.
Mr. Bairy said: If there is needle breakage you have to stop the machine that will impact productivity. Needle breakage is a downtime for factory so it can be prevented by using this machine. The machine has provided an advantage over others because operators are very comfortable to operate it as the journey under the needle is very smooth for them.
Operators are very comfortable to sit on the machine because the needle is very smooth for them. And also, coming to touch panel, it's easy to control.
The figurative instructions on the touch panel make it very easy to control all sophisticated operations.

What a worthwhile investment we did!

They said: As we mentioned, Digiflex Feed technology has an inbuilt different feed mechanism by which an operator can select different feed mechanism based on the material and the applications by which we are able to get higher productivity. We are really likely to recommend this machine to other factories. It has got features, it has got quality... why not! It's worthwhile, we want to benchmark it.

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