Elektronische Zickzack-Steppstichmaschine


ZigZag Sewing Machine front view
  • ZigZag Sewing Machine front view

Z-8550B - Elektronische Zickzack-Steppstichmaschine

・Benutzerfreundliches Farb-LCD-Display mit Touchscreen
・Produktivitätssteigerung durch IoT-Funktionen
・Hohe Nähqualität durch elektronische Steuerung


User-intuitive Color LCD display Touch Panel

The Color LCD display touch panel display items with illustration icons, offering easy user-intuitive operation.

High sewing quality achieved by electronic control

The pulse motor control with servo control is adopted for the zigzag mechanism. The needle moves perpendicular to the material so that needle deflection or position slippage does not occur even at high speed sewing.

Clean sewing with no concern of oil staining

Equipped the sealed oil tank, supplying oil only to the rotary hook. Having no oil around the needle bar and thread take-up mechanism reduces concern for oil staining.

Custom sewing patterns adding value to the product

You can add and save your own unique stitch pattern using the operation panel or PS-300B. You can easily copy data and upload to other sewing machines using the USB media. You can also save patterns edited on the control panel so it is easy to manage data.

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Produkt Information

Video von elektronischer Zickzack-Steppstichmaschine Z-8550A/Z-8560A. Sie können sehen, wie diese industrielle Nähmaschine zum Nutzen des Besitzers, der Mechaniker und der Bediner beiträgt.

Zickzack Steppstich-Nähmaschine Lineup


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