BM 2000 french
  • BM 2000 french

・more easily and beautifully created seams without sewing
・greater fabric choices are now possible due to lower temperature of the adhesive


Various designs can be created with Brother "ISC" technology.

The applying of adhesive and the bonding of the cloth are performed at the same time, it contributes to the creation of new designs not limited by the press mold.

Anyone can more easily and beautifully create seams without sewing

The smooth curve design can be created beautifully without exposing the adhesive at the cloth edge by controlling fabric edge positioning with sensor technology.

This technology can also process tubular seams

The slender cylinder design of the BM-2000 bonding machine increases the possibilities of use such as long sleeves for ladie's garments.

Greater Fabric choices are now possible

Since the temperature of the adhesive is as low as 120 degrees, you can select the fabric without concern for damage due to heat and shine, this provides a wider range of fabrics possible for your designs.


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