Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Button Sewer (Short remaining thread spec.)

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  • BE-438FXII

・Reduction of disposition of threads ends (short remaining thread)
・Sew-capability enhancement
・Overwhelmingly superior productivity with the world's top-class cycle time
・Digital Tension and Quick Change Device s standard equipment
・Clean sewing with semi-dry type


Beautiful sewing quality

64 sewing patterns have already been set and can be selected. It's capable of various fine sewing patterns as well.

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Low Noise and Low Vibration for Stress-Free Operation

The noise and vibration are minimized by reducing impact during thread trimming. Operators can sew conformably without fatigue and stress.

Digital tension as standard equipment

Digital Tension is equipped as standard so you can adjust the tension appropriately for the material being sewn. No more relying on individual feel, changing the thread tension can be added onto the sewing programs.

Clean Sewing with Semi-dry Type

All bar tacker and button attaching models are semi-dry type. They supply constant clean oil only to the shuttle hook, there is no concern of oil staining from needle bar area. The direct drive system, having no belt shavings can keep products clean.

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