Unison-feed Sewing Machine

New Product
NEXIO UF-8910 / UF-8920

We have released new product of unison-feed sewing machine NEXIO UF-8910 / UF-8920. Wide arm pocket and digitalized management are standard. This is the new global standard of Brother's unison-feed sewing machine. Display panel screen and push buttons can be customized to the customer's needs for user-friendly operation.
7th June, 2022
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Support Videos - How to Repair, Adjust, and Operate

We have uploaded our support videos for industrial sewing machine repair, adjustment, and operation. You can watch them on website and YouTube, and video download is also available.
22th Jul, 2020
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Button feeder device MB6002C

We have introduced button feeder device produced by IMB, Brother's excellent partner of automation. Almost double productivity than a skilled operator.
3rd Jun, 2020
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