Option Device for Brother industrial sewing machine to increase productivity and quality.

Popular Option Devices Lineup for Automation

・Automatic motor type feeding mechanism
・Manual feed & auto-feed mode exchange
・Applicable to shirt placket, cuff, and collar
・Cylinder controlled thread loose mechanism optional
・Button feeding stability 99.8%

・Wide variety of sewing capabilities such as hook and loop fastener and applique

・Wide variety of sewing capabilities such as hook and loop fastener and applique

・The machine can make 2 button holes in 1 cycle,...

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Other Option Devices for Automation

customized devuces as original machine

・Automatic shoelace tongue loop machine
・Automatic multiple label sewing machine

customized devuces for buttonhole sewing machine HE-800C

・Short indexer device for sports pants
・Vertical indexer device for polo shirts

customized devuces for bar tacking sewing machine and button attaching sewing machine KE-430HX and BE-438HX

・Button feeder device
・Air clamp lift & flip/flop label attaching system
・Bar tacker on eyelet hole
・Bar tacker for slacks
・Eyelet punch for cap
・Side label device
・Elastic tape clamp set
・Presser foot device
・50x40 expansion set
・Thread nipper device
・Emergency stop switch
・Thread breakage sensor

customized devuces for programmable electronic pattern sewing machine BAS-H series

・Label attaching device
・Flip/Flop device
・Thread take device
・Barcode system
・Cassette clamp system
・Auto lock sensor
・2nd presser foot device
・Thread nipper device
・Skip stitch detectort
・Material thickness detector
・Ejector set for automobile

Application / Comparison

Ladies wear Under wear Sports wear Suit Shirt Knit Trouser Jeans Bag / Leather Shoes Car accessory Work wear

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